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degree in bachelor of business (event management)

i am entering my first year of IB in september, and i had originally planned to do a degree in landscape aechitecture however i have recently changed my mind.


i would now like to become and events manager and for this i need a bachelor of business, which i would like to do at Griffith universit on the gold coast of australia.

i have made my subject choices however does anybody know what subjects would beneficial to me in order to make this happen?(economics obviously)

these are my current subject choices entering Ib1

English HL

Math SL

Biology HL

French B SL

History Sl

Economics HL

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You don't need Economics in order to study Business. They're not related. Your subject choices seem fine, you have another foreign language and some business schools require that (The European School of Business requires all of its studenta to study at least 2 foreign languages in university). There aren't any specific subject requirements for Business though. You'll be fine.

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