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ubco or Uoftsc?

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hey first post :P

anyways basically i'm screaming right now because i'm basically having a "mid-life crisis"? not the right term but that should give you an idea, of what i should do for my major. I feel liked i'm being pulled in all directions in terms of my interest.

I like science but i can't meet the science pre-req as i took ib studies math.

I like philosophy social sciences...etc blah blah

and the list goes on and on...

Basically my life in a basket-case i applied for uoftst got rejected appealed...got rejected again :P and now i'm reapplying the third time :P but for uoftsc as st no longer takes app. And the thing is i can't satisfy all these interests as if i want to major in philo i have to take courses a b and c and that leaves no room for my science interest as it takes x amounts of course y,u,z being completely in the opposite direction of a b.a in philo... And the other thing is career prospects etc...I'm also drawn to the politics,philosophy econ (ppe) at ubco but more because it may provide a better job prospect then just a degree in philo. A major factor i'm choosing to double major is because of job prospects. however the thing is I don't want to do something i'm semi interested or half assed at because it's just lame... your students suffer and so do you. So besides screaming and etc my career consulter suggested just explore...but the issue is once i'm done exploring i need to find somewhere decent to do it at, not that ubco and uoftsc aren't "decent" but it's just philo at uoftsc isn't one of it's strongest aspects. Because i want to someday yes i know a daydream apply to ivies or somewhere in the us... kinda corny i know but ya.... but basically higher chances uoft or ubc to ivies? but then this leads back to square one as i assume a big assumption here that it would give a higher chance to get into any ivy at all in the us if you are at the main campus.

I applied for philosophy at ubco and uoftsc. And i'm thinking of doing anthropology too.

But the thing is is either of them good for philo? or anthro at all?

I mean if anthropology is better at st. why bother go to uoftsc at all? besides the fact me handing in my application late:P and blah blah

Or if anthro if better at ubc van I could go there? And do pple like uoftsc over ubco more? because ubco is more recently established?

In terms of comparing them to the main campuses from what little i know pple at stg look down at sc? (i dunno expect mangement?i have no idea) and pple at ubc vancouver look down at ubco as ubc van rejects. (my friend at ubc doesn't even know what ubco is...)

So what i have concluded so far...

is option 1:

Go to ubco wait 1 year get grades transfer to vancouver..same with uoft to st. geroge

option 2) consider the ppe program at ubco and stay there...but i dunno...i'm not into econ and politics i don't like how it works....and i dunno if i like it but who knows...so blahhh... but the other thing is ppe at ubco might be looked down on too...

aaaaannnnnddd...i forgot my other options..but if i remember i'm update this:D

Also some of my questions condensed:

0))put bluntly WTF should i do? yes i know very a descriptive question....

1)uoft or ubc better for philosophy anthropology? main campus or what? get out of ubco?

2)should i transfer away from ubco to ubc? as philosophy or anthropology at ubco is it's best thing either.

4)what about the co-op programs at scarborough? should i consider it? or is it average mehish?

3)any other advice or bleh?XD

sorry for the epically long post but thanks guys!

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