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TEFL Courses?

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Has anybody taken one (as in the training course), or taught on one before? I'm pretty keen to nab myself a spot so I can get a job for next summer. The thought of being able to apply for a well-paying job and spend all my spare time literally being paid to live in Brasil is just too tempting :D

However, I've been reading several conflicting things. Like, for example, that they do weekend courses but these are too good to be true and nobody will employ you unless you go on the month-long courses. However the month long courses are like £1,300 and I really don't want to have to fork that much out of the old savings bank unless it really is going to make a big difference to employability! Also, anybody who's done one before, what sort of level of english do you need to have? Will HL English be adequate? Is it extremely grammatical, or can you get through just having a good native level of spoken and written english without needing to get -too- technical?

Erm, yes. Any advice, experiences or anything would be very much welcomed :) Figured this might be the sort of place where people would sign up for this kind of stuff!

Just thought I'd add, the course I'm looking at trying to get onto most probably (if I can persuade them to take me) is the CELTA course at Cambridge. I assume it's probably a good course, if rather a lot of money, but all input is welcomed :P

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You can do a TEFL course online too. All they do is teach you grammar, put you in mock scenarios where you teach students. Show you how to make lesson plans. And more grammar rules.

I was looking into this but then when I researched it more, I saw that my ethnicity would discourage me from getting a job :D

What you can also do is take a TEFL course at your uni, since some universities offer it.

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