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CAS opportunities - Asian Pacific WheelChair Basketball League

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Hi guys,

Does anyone want to get CAS hours, testimonials and certificates ?

I am looking for people who would like to be in the main committee in charge of organizing the "Asian Pacific Wheelchair Basketball League".

There are 2 types of volunteers I would like to look for :

1. Main committee members : students who are living in Singapore (because the event will take place in Singapore)

2. Communicators of international teams : students from any country which can help contacting their country's Wheelchair basketball association and get them involved in this League.

The event will take place in September, in Singapore.

So guys, anyone interested ? :P

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Sounds like an interesting project. Can you provide more detail about the tasks, responsibilities etc. of international committee members?

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Oh, basically this League is for both disabled people to play and for normal people to experience the feeling of sitting on a wheelchair to play basketball.

What an international volunteer can do is to contact with their own country's disabled people society or even better a Wheelchair basketball team (like in Singapore, we have the Wheelchair basketball Association, where these disabled people are well trained for basketball on wheelchair) and to get them involved.

In sum, as an international volunteer, you can help being a bridge between my main committee in Singapore and your own country's wheelchair basketball team. The event will be held in September 2009, it is coming very soon.

Besides that, for those in Singapore, especially Secondary school or Junior College, you are very welcome to form your own team and contact me to sign up as a team competing in the League. You guys are not in competition with the disabled people, but will be in competition with other JC teams. So there are 2 categories : disabled people and normal students.

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