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I am writing my extended essay in the ITGS category. I took the ITGS class at my school, so I know the information regarding that topic.

My first option is to do "Digital Divide within American public schools". This would focus on how some children have a disadvantage of technology because they go to a less fortunate school system, such as an innercity school. It would also focus on how this digital divide could affect a child's future.

My second option is to write about how technology is affecting teenagers and their impersonal communication skills, meaning that since teenagers use so much technology, they are losing their ability to communicate effectively. It would also focus on how this will affect a teenager's future.

I was wondering if anyone could give me their opinion on which one would be best suited for IB. I just started my extended essay, so there is plenty of room for change.

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From your descriptions, it seems like you're skimming the surface of IT. If you read the EE guide, it warns

It is essential that the topic has an IT system or IT systems at its core. This means that the system(s) concerned must involve some form of data processing. Essays that focus on technology such as engineering, or on a science topic, are not suitable for ITGS essays. Similarly, an essay that has a social problem as its focus with only tenuous relevance to IT is unlikely to have sufficient depth.

Although an ITGS extended essay is not intended to be an exercise in demonstrating IT skills, it must clearly demonstrate in-depth technical understanding of the chosen area. Students who do not have well-developed IT practical skills are unlikely to show the level of insight that is required for the highest levels of attainment.

You could continue on your train of thought, but at the very least, you'd have to specify what technology you're talking about. Read the EE guide for example research questions and topics. They'll help you get a better feel.

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