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IB - Interesting Abbreviations

I was just surfing the net and found this, which I thought was pretty funny, what do you, guys think?


ABCs - airway before cardiac

ART - Assuming Room Temperature

BOHICA - Bend Over, Here it Comes Again

BTW - by the way

CTD - circling the drain

DNR - do not remove

EFD - Every F****ing day (Sorry I try to stop myself)

FLB - Funny Looking Beat

FLR for Funny Looking Rhythm

FMD – Fake Medical Doctor

GTWM - Glad that wasn't me

HIFAICGU - "Help! I've fallen and I cant get up"

IDM - It didn't matter

JK - Just killen em!

KSL - Kinda sorta like

LMOH - Let me outta here!

MRH - May Require Help

NNT - Not needed today

OVC - open very carefully

PORN - Paramedic Over-ruled by Nurse

QITTS - "quit! I'm tryin' to sleep"

RSI - Requires serious irritation

SAS - Sometimes acts Stupid

TMI - Too much info.

UNA - Until Needed Again

VNT - Viagra Not Taken

WAYH - "Why are you here?"

XR - X-ray

YA - "You again?"

ZCAR - Zebras came a runnin'

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ART - Assuming Room Temperature hehe I kept a jacket in my Spanish teacher's room... it was always freezing in there due to some of her medical issues

IDM - It didn't matter i.e. every history test

LMOH - Let me outta here! that's how we all feel about Spanish B

OVC - open very carefully they should put a label with this on some of our lockers.. books were never meant to be opened at home anyways -_-

QITTS - "quit! I'm tryin' to sleep" I'm pretty sure that's what my friends are thinking when my bio teacher boisterously wakes them up from their slumber... But we do just come from lunch, and the lights are always off in that class...

YA - "You again?" thinks my English teacher as a bring yet another draft of an essay for him to look through. Ah well he's getting paid for it :P

cute =)

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I know right, I was amazed with this because I use it so much and never even realized all the jokes that come along with it! :D

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