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Hi! Im starting Japanese language B starting yr 13 since I'm struggling with Italian abintio. I've lived in Japan for 4 yrs and i learnt it for 4 yrs but our school does not have Japanese teacher now i have to go through the syllabus alone with the help of my dad. I bought the book Basic kanji book volume 2 but it doesn't have all the Kanji i need only some. If you can please tell me where i can find the first 500 Kanji on the net. Thank you.

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You could probabaly just Google 'Kanji flashcards' or 'kanji online'. I'll post a few websites with kanji on it, though it would probabaly be easier for you to search for the ones you need as I don't know which ones you want. I don't think the book (I would assume you would need some from volume 1?) would be deplayed on the web, so hopefully another sites can help you out.



http://kanji.koohii.com/ This one you have to register for, not sure if it is free or not.

Also if you download Anki (http://ichi2.net/anki/) you can add kanji cards to there.

And after all that searching I came across this: http://www.scribd.com/doc/12373247/Basic-Kanji-Book-Volume-1

I believe this is what you were looking for. Hopefully :)

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