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Maths Studies IA

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I've started my project, which is based on stats and has to include three variables in the data. I went onto the World Health Organisation's website and found 50 appropriate records, the variables being gender, continent and life expectancy. My hypotheses is that females have a greater life expectancy across all continents than males.

I've done box plots and found that it's pretty conclusive that my hypotheses is correct. There's no real argument in it and I don't know what other analysis I can do to make it look like there's any contest.. Do I have to start over with different data, or choose a hypotheses that's less one-way?

I hate statistics.

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I'm not in Math Studies, so I don't know what is expected.

If you want to keep your hypothesis [by the way, hypotheses is the plural of hypothesis] the same, you can talk about limitations? Perhaps including the male to female ratio differences, if any, in the different continents. Or perhaps [and I don't know that this is a limitation per se] how more males would have died due to wars in certain decades in certain continents, which would affect the statistics.

If you want to change the hypothesis, perhaps something comparing which continent's expectancy is the highest? I think you'd have your work cut out for you because you'd have to look at different factors that weigh into the standard of living [health care. maybe stress?] I don't even know if this is allowed as an IA hehe

Hope that was at least somewhat helpful.

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I just finished my Maths Studies IA.

Sorry if this post is a bit late, but it may help others in the future. I believe it doesn't matter if all your statistics are point to a one way result relating to your hypothesis. You could do a chi-squared test to see if gender and life expectancy are independent? Continent would be difficult to do as it doesn't have a numerical value.

However, everything seems fine the way it is. You would just comment on your results in the validity section, and comment on how you could change things in the future in order to get a different result.

Hope this helped ;)

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