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Film EE Question

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Hey! For my EE I am analyzing the use of cinematography in Wong Kar Wai's films, focusing on how cinematography is used to depict the reality of romantic relationships onscreen.

I have finished analyzing all 9 of WKW's films.

- In the Mood for Love

- Happy Together

- 2046

- Fallen Angels

- My Blueberry Nights

- Ashes of Time Redux

- Chungking Express

- Days of Being Wild

- As Tears go by

Naturally, I think it is ridiculous to try to cram a thorough analysis of 9 films into a 4000 word essay. Hence, I am wondering... how many films do you think it would be fitting to include? 3? 4? For those of you who did EE's on film, how many did you include? (I realize there's very few of us XD)

Thanks in advance!

- Oh! I'm also wondering if I'm including 3 if it would be a good idea to use In the Mood for Love, Happy Together and 2046. They work quite well with my hypothesis, but they're also WKW's films that are best known internationally, which I think could reflect that I am just aware of his most well-known filmography.

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Originality is important, but I think it's better to pick those films because they strongly support what you're arguing than less known films that might make your argument lackluster.

I'm not taking film and nor am I writing an EE in this area haha. But I think three films would be enough to support your claim without taking up too many words and not leaving you with enough words to go in-depth.

P.S. Most likely, you've already done this, but be sure to read the EE guide on film. It can be found in the files section or within the EE rules here: http://www.ibsurvival.com/index.php?app=forums&module=forums&section=rules&f=16

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