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Setting and Satire + English EE

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Hey everyone, my EE title is "A comparison of the use of satire in Jonathon Swift’s Gulliver’s Travels and T.H White’s The Sword in the Stone".

I'm currently doing a paragraph on the setting and how it contributes to the satire in both novels. I've identified that they both "Distort" the worlds and things they write about to make them unfamiliar to readers and mask their satire. E.g. Gulliver - different countries etc and in The Sword in the Stone - animal "realm".

Do you guys think its a reasonable point?

And how else does setting contribute to satiric messages etc

Anything important I should mention that I've missed?

Any help would be appreciated! XD

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I haven't read either book, which is why I was feeling reserved about commenting. Hopefully someone else will offer some more insight to help you out ;)

I guess when I thought about your title/RQ, I saw a simple progressive outline that would answer the following:

Why do the authors use satire--what are they pointing out/trying to change?

How is satire present in the novels?

What effects does it have?

Now you'll probably spend the vast majority covering the middle question, and you may not even look at one or more of the questions I listed, but that's what just came to my mind.

Your entire essay could probably center on the setting, right? Like the kinds of things that the authors implement in their versions of their lands that show an exaggerated version of something bad in "the real world"

That's about all I can add, since I haven't read the works. This is kinda a catch-all thing--read the EE guide carefully if you haven't already. Make sure your essay clearly fits one of the two categories for a Group 1 EE.

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I managed to work out what I needed to say and I completely finished my EE a few days ago, but still I appreciate you taking the effort to offer some guidance/help :P

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