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Title: 'How is feminism presented in the poetry of Maya Angelou?'

I'm going to analyse four of her poems, after writing an introduction that will hopefully place my investigation into context - I'm going to begin by defining Feminism, then write about Feminism's place in literature, and then bring in Maya Angelou.

I've been told that w're meant to present our EE's 'as a reasoned argument'. This confuses me a bit - what exactly will I be arguing? Is it that Feminism is presented at all? Or to what extent? Arguing implies that I'm trying to convey a point, so does this mean I need to PROVE the way/s in which Feminism is presented? Ah! That's probably it.

I've read the markscheme and it sounds almost easy to gain top marks, from reading it alone!! How will an English EE need to be different from English coursework, in terms of writing style?

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Your title asks how feminism is presented in her poetry [or how she presents feminism in her poetry] so I thought you'd be pretty much be discussing literary devices. Diction comes to mind hahaha. That's kinda a cop-out example though. So yes, you need to prove that there's feminism there and that it's not just coincidence because of the repetition of whatever image or theme or concept that keeps coming up in the four poems you've analyzed.

The differences? I'm not sure. I assume that you've got to retain your passion for the subject and let it shine through in the tone from the beginning to the end of your paper. I think you can be a tad more personal, but don't be completely informal. Take a look at some English EEs that received good marks. [There are several on this site, but you must be a VIP or VIP subscriber to access them.]

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