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about MYP sophomore

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well, I'm a sophomore now and i'm quite new to the whole IB,MYP thing.

I heard that in the sophomore year of MYP, there is an iimportant test and projects.

Is that really true?

I need your help!!

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This site is mostly for people who are studying the Diploma programme, as opposed to people in the Middle-Years programme, so I'm not sure how many people you'll be able to find on here who've been through the whole experience (MYP is actually kinda rare, to my knowledge).


That's the IB site with the MYP assessment stuff on it. If you click through the links at the side, you can see continuous and final assessment criteria. The best place to ask about how you're going to be assessed etc. would be to go to your IB Coordinator, or whoever is in charge of the IB at your school, and they'll be able to tell you how it's going to work, so you'll know exactly what to expect at your school. To my knowledge the MYP is, rather like the Diploma, kinda dependent on your school. They may want to give you a big test in the first year, or they may not! ;) Hence why the best place to ask is at the school itself.

Good luck with the MYP ;)

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