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fertiliser on seed germination

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Please can I have some advice from you guys. I am investigating how fertilisers effect seed germination. Do you think that it is a good method if I measure the carbon dioxide concentration before germination and after and compare it to see the difference in the rate? Do you think this is the most suitable method or is there better? What are your opinions?

Please give me someone advice because I am lost

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hehe I'm nowhere near the resident expert on these kinds of experiments. [i'm the one you'd come to if you're trying figure out BS for your error section ;)]

For the CO2, would you keep the plants in a container--either baggie or a transparent glass box thing? Because the atmosphere could influence the carbon dioxide levels, right? But then again, the atmosphere would be a constant for the rest of the plants. As long as you have access to proper equipment, you'll be fine, I suppose.

I know this is basic, but could you measure the rate of germination based on the water intake by the roots? Using a self-watering flower pot where you can measure how much water you've poured and how much is left after periods of time. I don't know that this is a better idea. But it's an option, I guess.

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