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SL Biology Grade Boundaries

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I was just wondering what the grade boundaries for SL Biology were, based on the 2009 May exam. I'm mainly concerned with what constitutes as a level 6 and as a level 7.

Could someone please post a breakdown as to what I'd need to score in each paper for a final level 6 and a level 7 as I am trying to go for a appeal when I get my component grades.

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Here you are:

All the grade boundaries for the papers are in the file Aboo posted. It's definitely worth giving it a go if you're on the boundary - and reasonably soon too, as I believe there's a deadline somewhere in mid-early September - although you'll have to check that out yourself if it might prove a problem, as I only heard it second-hand off our IBC :)

Good luck.

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You have to apply by the 15th of September:

Coordinators may request a re-mark of externally assessed material (category 1)' date=' the return of externally

assessed material (category 2) and/or a report on the moderation of internal assessment (category 3). This

service is known as an enquiry upon results. Requests for an enquiry upon results will only be accepted

from schools, not from individual candidates, their legal guardian(s) or other representatives. A request for

an enquiry upon results must be submitted on IBIS no later than 15 September/15 March, about two

months after the issue of results.

Enquiries in categories 1 and 2 are independent of each other and may be requested in either order up to

15 September/15 March. No category may be requested more than once for the same examination

material. The enquiry upon results service is not available for school-based syllabuses.

In previous examination sessions a candidate’s grade would only remain the same or be raised as a result

of a category 1 re-mark. However, with effect from the May 2009 session a candidate’s grade may also be

lowered as a consequence of a re-mark. [/quote']

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