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determine chemical formula of hydrate

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alloo peeps..anybody help me please???

this is the first time i am doing my chemistry laboratory report for DCP analysing.

so..i've no idea on how to do the report base on title

" determination of the chemical formula of a hydrate"

so..i do really hope that somebody could lend me some ideas so that i'll get some hint on how to make it easier..please......

how to calculate the mass percent of water and the chemical formula of the unknown hydrate????

thanx guysss

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I did a similar lab (atleast I think I did). So assuming your task was what think it was follow these hints:

- You should have measured the mass of a hydrated sample of the substance

- After heating the sample you should measure the mass of the sample ( anhydrous) left.

- Logically when you subtract the 2 values what do you get? The mass of the water.

- Convert the masses of the the water and the anhydrous sample to moles

- find the mole ratio, which will be the coefficient of H2O in your final chemical formula of the hydrate.

An example of a hydrate: MgSO4 * 7H2O

Hope that helps

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