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IA - Repeat or New Methodology?

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Hey there!

I'm a Y2 Psychology SL student.

I've just chosen my IA topic - Glanzer and Cunitz, the Serial Position Effect.

I've been reading the Holy Guide and the IB Psychology Syllabus but am still confused about one main thing.

Does the experiment we conduct, have to be the exact replica of our chosen topic?

Or do we simply take the idea of it, and create a new (similar) experiment?

I'm confused because they keep saying how you have to state your Aim. This should be pretty easy if one were to simply replicate the experiment.

Thanks for your time!

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Hi. I can't read what the user before me answered so I'll answer. Sorry if I'm repeating what sweetnsimple has said.

But basically SL students need to do an exact replication of the experiment chosen whereas HL students have the choice to make changes if they want to.

That's one of the differences between HL and SL Psych IA. The other one is that you will need to have quantitative data whereas HL use both qualitative and quantitative.

This is if you are not doing the new syllabus, which I don't know how it works. But since you are in IB2 I assume you are following the old one, like me.

Good luck with your IA! :P

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Thanks a lot!

That helps a lot.

The IA doesn't seem so bad afterall.

I want to get it done though, before applications start.

I'm doing the Glanz and Cunitz study, on the primacy and recency effect.

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