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is my EE topic too wide? should i narrow it down?

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My topic for business and management is : to what extent has foreign investment affected jordan and its people as a result?

My supervisor isn't really helpful, and I don't know if its even a good topic, or if its too wide, or if i should narrow it down.

Please help?

And also.. what was meant by

''define the decision problem, research objectives, and research questions''? ie define them to help me write my essay or incorporate them into the essay?

Thank you! :P

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Yes I really do think that the EE topic is too wide. Why don't you focus on a specific business in Jordan and see how it has been affected. However, it needs to be a business which you can get information from. If you know someone who works in such a business, contact them, otherwise, it might be wise to change your title so that you can get a topic that can be researched. Also, isn't this edging into Economics a bit too much?

Well what exactly is your essay going to talk about??? You need to think about what you are going to research and what conclusions you will come to based on your title.

Hopefully this will help and Good luck with your EE :P

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Choose one area of Jordan, one company, one time period.

''define the decision problem, research objectives, and research questions''

In this sense, I meant you should decide/find out what the problem is, what you are trying to find in our research, and from there, come up with a research question. Not literally define as in giving a definition of what the terms mean.

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