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Which guide for bio?

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The Allot is much better than the OSC revision guide (I never even used my OSC guide), but I'd also go a bit further and suggest you get the revision version of the Allot instead. Not the one with the orange cover and a tiger on the front (i.e. not the course companion), but the green one with the leaves on it. It gives all the information from the orange one again, but in a highly condensed format perfect for learning from pre-exam. If you could only get one book, I'd get the [green leaf cover] study guide one :D

The course companion is also good, but the study guide just has it all in such a wonderful pre-exam format... the study guide wins, in my opinion! :)


^^ that one.

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I would also recommend the green biology guide by allot. In my opinion it is much much better than the course companion since everything is condensed. Also, your teacher will be teaching all the topics in detail, so having a condensed version of the topics discussed by your teacher throughout the course would be very helpful before the exam. My friend bought the course companion and he is quite disappointed with it . So like others have said, get the green study guide. I have one too :D

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