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History EE- NEED HELP!

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Hey, I need some massive fast help with my question.

Right now it is - The Bushido Effect: To what extent did the Japanese style of warfare effect American GI morale?

But this question isn't really that debateable and i think it would end up just being a narrative. Any help at all would be amazing!!!

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So this is for WW2? It might be obvious, but history's one of my weaker areas, but I can imagine that the US & Japan have had some skirmishes. Also, change the word "effect" to "affect" when you use it in front of the phrase "American GI morale." Also, doesn't GI just mean General Issue? Does the term GI necessarily imply military? I see the connection, of course, but I'm just wondering.

As for your actual question hehe. If you've conducted thorough research and don't find anything contradictory, then I can see how it would be very narrative/descriptory [if that's a real word]. However, I find it hard to believe that there's nothing contradictory because you use the phrase "To what extent," which gives you some leeway. I have no clue how Japanese style warfare affected the solders' morale, but I think you could argue that it could have intimidated to some extent while it caused a surge of determination to some other extent, you know?

When people in general face an obstacle, there are two common reactions: people are either discouraged or they just work harder to overcome the obstacle.

I hope that was at least somewhat relevant.

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