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How to survive IB

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Hello all IBers,

lately I have been under a huge amount of trouble in my IB2 year course and I am hoping for this thread to become something helpful for all of us in terms of how to actually survive this 2 year program which many of us including me, find extremely difficult.

Here is the thread where I posted some hints and notes on how to survive IB:

But, lets take it a step further. We all know that surviving the International Baccalaureate (IB) is probably one of the single hardest tasks you can put someone up to!

Here is an interesting article I have found about surviving IB:


Also, Sleep has probably become a rare thing which most IB students have no knowledge of. Rumor has it that non-IB students do this at night instead of homework.

Some humorous things

Interesting quotes:


You know you're in I.B. when..


You know you're in I.B. too long when..


IB Dictionary:


Post your advice about surviving the IB, how you are planning to or how you managed to already.



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Guys, if you have links to share, this is the place:

As for how to survive, this kind of outlines a lot. If you have additions, pm me and I'll add it.

Good thread though, but it already exists. I would rather keep everything in one place so that people don't get confused.

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