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Need Help

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My Subjects: Arabic A1 HL

English A2 HL [hopefully, if not then SL. I'll know by Sunday]

History SL

Math HL

Physics HL



So, I already know that I'm missing about 10 days next month because I'm going to THIMUN-Singapore, and I'm missing 2 weeks from my winter vacation because I'm going on a History trip to Berlin. For the Berlin trip, my missing work will hopefully be covered, shame I can't say the same thing about Singapore, though.

1. Arabic- I'm guessing that I can easily cover this as most IB students took Arabic HL and I'm bound to have at least 10 people that can help me.

2. English- This will definitely be harder to cover than Arabic, but I have cousins and friends that can help me. [but, I still have doubts]

3. History- This will be easy as my MUN coordinator is my History teacher.

4. Math- This is gonna be rape to cover

5. Physics- This is hard, but I'm hoping that I can understand as the teacher wouldn't mind sacrificing time to help and the smartest kid in the school, in my opinion, is in this class and is my friend

6. ITGS- I have no clue if this going to be easy or hard

7. TOK- Same as ITGS

I'm buying a laptop so that I can cover some of my missing work while I'm traveling. I'm also downloading the syllabi to my classes and binding them, so that I can have an idea of what I'm going to miss. I'm ordering the Physics for the IB Diploma book to take with me.

Any of you guys have tips as to what I can do to keep up?

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Don't go on the trip? Easiest way out!

Take your English books with you and read the pages and sparknotes for the stuff that you will do in class.

Same goes for Maths, do maths work while you're away. Copy the pages which you need and work on them.

I really don't see why you need a laptop to cover your work, they're more distracting than useful if you have a connection to the internet.

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Focus of your HL subjects. Like you said, arabic will be easy to cover. With English, you'll have people to help you and the internet may also come useful here. For Maths and Physics, just ask your teachers to explain a few things to you before you go on the trip, and then do their assigned work when your there. The important thing is that you just don't forget about it later! So ask your teachers what work they'll be giving out and then ask if they can explain the theory to you because you'll be on the trip.

There's no need to worry. You just need to be prepared :D

Good Luck!

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Since you are only in IB1, I don't think there is much to worry about.

I was in a similar situation about a month ago- I missed two weeks of school because of a science program. So far, I'm coping alright. I've managed to catch up pretty well in all my subjects except for maths, in which I'm a few sets behind.

I think you can talk to your teachers about it. Mine were pretty considerate; they gave me time and extensions to catch up on things. Make sure you have a friend in each of your classes to borrow notes from and that you are up to date with your subjects before you leave. You will be fine!

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