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Politics EE American embargo on Cuba

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Intro: So I am an IB2 student and recently had to completely change subject areas due to my supervisor being layed off from the school for something unrelated as well as research complications. After looking through the subject packets I came across the politics example: "The political debate over the death penalty in the USA". I participate in competitive debate so I realized that if I choose a question like that I could utilize a lot of research I had already done. Thus I promptly thought of my favorite and most researched debate topic of the Cuban Embargo.

Topic Area: Politics

Research Question: Should the United States maintain the current embargo of Cuba?


- Does anyone know how IB wants us to structure political debate EE's? (ie. point & counterpoint?)

- Will this topic be viewed as "beating a dead horse"?

- Will I need to conclude with my personal answer, or just leave it open ended?

- Because this topic involves Human rights, economics, and peace&conflict as well as politics, how do I keep this in one subject area?

Thanks in advance! I'm glad to finally find an IB community on the internet.

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You'll want to read through the EE guide thoroughly. It can be found here: http://www.ibsurvival.com/index.php?app=downloads&showfile=109 [You've already seen it if you've read the EE rules that can be found at the top of this page, so sorry for repeating it if this is the case.]

To make sure you stay on subject, thread your entire argument with political theories and the like. I know that we're not allowed to do an EE on a subject that is not offered at our school because we're at a grave disadvantage if we haven't taken the IB course. So you may want to switch topics if you're not adamant, or you'll just have to research that much more. =)

I really don't know much about Politics EEs, so that's about as much advice as I can offer.

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