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EE In the Ethics of Carbon Credits

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I plan on writing my EE on the morality of carbon credits.

My question is: Is this subject too broad? And: Does this qualify more as a bossiness and management EE or a philosophy EE?

Is the exploration of ethics a discouraged subject? If so why?

How would I go around providing proof or making the case that carbon credits are unethical/ unmoral, or moral/ ethical?

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Do you take Philosophy? If not, you may have to change your topic. To my understanding, it'd be an unacceptable title for a B&M essay and unless you take Philosophy you might find yourself having major difficulty in terms of writing the essay. The fact that it's discussing ethics (I'd definitely avoid the word "morality" and stick with "ethically justifiable" and "ethically unjustifiable" if you're going to do a Philosophy essay, they have very different implications) doesn't move it fluidly across the subject areas. Every subject has some pretty specific guidelines and a specific way of writing the essay. Just discussing what's going on in terms of carbon emissions and then whether the responsibility has been fairly laid out isn't really what would be required.

I also did my essay on ethical acceptability (albeit of a very different thing) and what you need to do in order to do well is explore a topic in terms of ethical or otherwise philosophical theories. You need to pull it apart with these theories and use theories to justify it and either pull it back together or shoot it down. A Philosophy essay would have to explore the technicalities and implications of accepting responsibility (i.e. it has to be entirely an analytical argument) - importantly it wouldn't provide any real ground for statistics quoting or for bringing in any political justifications, historical justifications etc. Basically unless you've taken Philosophy, my guess is that it'd be impossible to write a Philosophy EE without slipping up, and I know a lot of people make mistakes with this by taking things like the word "ethics" and flipping it across into Philosophy because it seems to fit, but at the end of the day you wouldn't do well with such an essay. The reason why ethics essays are generally discouraged is because there's no subject which is simply the discussion of your opinion as to what's right/wrong about a situation. Philosophy comes close, but it's got to be all about analysis, definition and philosophical theories, so it's no discussion ground either.

If you do take Philosophy I suggest you read the subject specific guide and change your question to tackle an aspect (such as assignment of responsibility), as well changing as your approach in order to make it work. If not you can either be brave and give it a go anyway (which I wouldn't suggest doing) or pick a different subject/title combination!

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