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Hey guys!

So i'm doing a practice iop on Hamlet and my title of the presentation is the analysis on the tone of conversationsbetween Hamlet and Claudius. My question is how do i make this a very detailed iop while making it within the 10 minutes mark, since each conversation is about 3 minutes or so.

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From what you have said, I am assuming there is more than one conversation between Hamlet and Claudius that you intend to analyse :P (I haven't read Hamlet, don't judge me) If this is the case it will be very easy to hit the 10 minute mark, you just have to be in-depth with your discussion of the tone.

One main thing to do would be to find common or similar 'tones' in the conversations and talk about them under a common idea (this might be a theme, style, perspective or something else). If you are able to get 3 or even 4 of these points under development into paragraphs, each with 2 or 3 examples reflecting the point, you will make it easy! Keep in mind though, the more specific or more analytical your points are, the better you will go. Don't make it too specific so you cant find anything though.

If you can find something substantial worth mentioning, try and relate it somehow to one of your points. This will build up until you have an argument of sorts to support your ideas of the tone, and it will keep going until you have a beautiful 10-minute essay all lined up :P

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