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English SL and HL

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Well, when the IBO grades English SL students, shouldn't they be graded easier than HL students considering they are taking a lower level course?

Or are they all graded the same?

I find this weird because in our school we have classes with both HL and SL students together.

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They're different exam papers, so yep they're graded differently. There is a potential for overlap in terms of what you study, but HL people will ultimately have to study more texts and they'll be assessed differently.

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ok well i technically did both HL and SL eng (i changed from eng HL to bio HL at the end of IB1)

and basically what happened with us was, everyone was in the same eng class as HL students have to learn the SL books AS WELL AS their HL books

so once the SL books (or "core" if you wanna put it that way) were finished, there would be HL only lessons where they would go through.....the HL books

there is a difference in marking because:

1. HL get more time in both papers

2. SL get "guiding questions" - which i usually ignore

the weighting of internal assessment and exams is also diff

eg. WL1 is 20% for SL and only 10% for HL as they have WL2 as well etc~

check out the may 2009 grade boundaries (or any year for that matter)and you'll see that it's easier to pass (aka get a 4) in SL (40%-52%)than HL(43%-55%)

hope that helped :P

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