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Help on History EE Narrowing Down

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I want to discuss about how the main reason women were persecuted was because of religious beliefs and to support that statement, I'll take examples such as:

In Christianity, women were blamed for spreading heresy since Eve was the one who convinced Adam to eat the apple.


I can also support it further by discussing matriarchal societies and their religious beliefs.

My last type of support would be the changes that have been brought about with the spread of religion. Examples:

Christianity spread to the Americas

Those were the only examples I could name at the type of my head.

So basically, I want to know is Is my topic too broad? Do I need to narrow it down specifically? I still haven't contacted my advisor since I thought of it just now, but I'd like to know what the people here think.

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I'm not sure how much this can fit in History. I think it might stray too much into Religion, or Sociology. History essays have to deal with conflicting view points regarding a particular historically recorded event. Unless you have a particular event of women being persecuted for Eve's mistake, it would not be appropriate. Even then, I am still concerned that it would still deal too much with Religion.

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