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Help with History EE Research Question

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For my Extended Essay, my research question is, "Why didn't Communism work in Afghanistan?"

I would just like to know if this is a good research question because a lot of my mates are telling me its not and I have to change it. The problem is that I already answered the question and my Essay is almost completed.

Thanks :)

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Heya, unfortunately people here probably won't be able to help you much without a few more essential details - most importantly which subject you're doing this EE in! If you read the "Extended Essay - read carefully before starting a thread!" guidelines http://www.ibsurvival.com/index.php?app=forums&module=forums&section=rules&f=16 you'll spot it's common practice to have a descriptive post title. This is more or less just so people can know what the thread is about to come and offer you help (if you need it!). Perhaps if you rename the thread to give a better indication of what subject you're writing your EE for, and perhaps also a few more pointers as to the general points of discussion you've tried to cover?

Also, why is it that your friends don't reckon the EE is a good title choice? Or what are your personal concerns? How many words have you got to in your essay, and is your supervisor happy with it and the way it's going? Have you raised the issue with them as to whether they think it'll score highly? Have you checked your EE against the official Extended Essay Guidelines (including the subject-specific bits) to see that you're on track and covering all the points exactly as they ask?

If you clarify the situation as to what you feel may be wrong and where you've gone with the essay so far, people will be much better equipped to help you and make suggestions :) Also finally, don't panic about it - your friends aren't necessarily going to be the best ones to ask about whether your EE is on a decent topic. For a start they probably won't know exactly what is required by a particular subject unless they're doing the same subject as you. The best person to approach is probably going to be your EE supervisor, or if they're useless, another member of department for the subject you picked - and then at the end of the day, the onus is also on you to double check against the guidelines which are made available to you, and also banks of exemplar extended essays, if you can find any similar to yours (search google for 50 Excellent Extended Essays to see some examples).

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Sorry about the non-descriptive title, i'll try to figure out how to change it as soon as I can because Im kinda new here and dont know how it works.

But Im writing my Extended Essay in History. I finished my essay with 3,810 words not including the Abstract which is 133 words. My essay covers the origins of communism all the way to the fall of communism. The time period is between 1903 and 1992. I start my essay with a paragraph or two about what is communism and then I start explaining the views of the afghan people in general and then i start with the origins to fall of communism. My last heading sums up the whole essay and I conclude that communism failed because of these reasons:

Reformers wanted to create a national democratic revolution in a country that was not yet a nation.

Revolution couldnt take place in the rural areas which was the majority of Afghanistan

The few educated elite supported communism.

The United States didnt want Soviet Russia to gain access to the Indian Ocean

Religious conservatives viewed Communists as godless people and have no right to rule over them.

I got a few more minor points as well.

Well I was confident about my title choice, "Why didn't Communism work in Afghanistan?" but a few days ago a friend of mine brought up the point that my question was too broad and that I should narrow it down to a few points, but since I already completed my Extended Essay and dont feel like touching it ever again feel like its okay.

My supervisor is okay with my Extended Essay but she isnt an IB teacher, she is just an history teacher and I guess its not up to IB standards yet.

I havent checked against the IB rubic yet but thats a good idea and I'll do that right now!! :)

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Well, your essay seems structured correctly: i.e. you are arguing that communism failed, not merely narrating the history of communism (which would get you a C at best). That's something to make sure of, though: make sure that every paragraph is ARGUING something.

If you're worried about your RQ, here's what my EE Coordinator would say to you:

a) You are "begging the question", i.e. your answer is included in your question. "To what extent did communism succeed in Afghanistan between 19XX and 19XX?" would be better. (answer: to no extent. It fell on its face :) )

b) It's history, so pick a specific time period (you did already, so just include it in your RQ).

That's pretty much it. Otherwise it seems good. Good luck!

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