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And what exactly were you supposed to be doing when you found this video? Hmmm?? :rofl:

That's how I feel right now, actually.

I meant to do some studying this morning. Actually I did was: had breakfast, did the dishes, did laundry because it was sunny out finally (!!! I hate doing laundry!). The I downloaded the past papers and notes etc from the website to study with, but then figured I needed a supply of chocolate and coffee for my exam week so went shopping, then remembered I have to withdraw some money to pay rent with in a couple of days so I went and did that. Now I'm back home, on IBSurvival, it's 11:30 so I guess it'll be lunch time soon. Sigh.

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I wasn't crasting! I was ignoring the heap of work I have :D so I knew I wasn't going to do anything rather than living in denial :)

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Story of my life right here:

New school semester:


After the first week:


After the second week:


Before the mid-term test:


During the mid-term test:


After the mid-term test:


Before the final exam:


Once knowing the final exam schedule:


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7 days before final exam:


6 days before final exam:


5 days before final exam:


4 days before final exam:


3 days before final exam:


2 days before final exam:


1 day before final exam:


The night before final exam:


1 hour before final exam:


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