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Help about Physics IA?

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I need to do my Physics IA now..

But I have no Ideas about how to do it.

Can anyone help me and tell me what should i do in physics IA?!~

Thanks a lot!~

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Our teacher did not metion any topics of IA for physics....

Actually I also do not know the parts of G4P...

How should i write a G4P report..?

Please help me!

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If your teacher has given you that little information, do the following:

1) Tell your teacher he/she is ****. Then ask for further clarification about what you need to do and tell him/her to give you the labs you need to do.

1,5) Purchase VIP. Usually I'm not this blunt about endorsing purchased VIP, but it seems to me that you really are in a desperate situation, and the resources IB Survival has to offer can really help you. You will need VIP to download the files I've linked you to below. Find more information about VIP here.

2) Read through the files found here. The ones about writing labs (which is what the IA mostly comprises of) are the most pertinent ones. After reading how to do a lab, have a look at the example labs found here.

3) Group 4 project examples can be found here. Do not attempt to do a Group 4 Project on your own; it is a group work project that should be done under the supervision of your teacher.

4) Unfortunately doing labs is quite tricky especially without proper instruction, so you may find it confusing. Feel free to ask more questions here, we'll help you as much as we can but please be as specific as possible; if you ask very open, general questions, giving answers will be very difficult. It's alright to have a lot of questions, just don't synthesize them into "what to do??"! :P

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