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IOP topic for The Great Gatsby?

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We aren't allowed to provide topics for you. That's your job.

Find something that you thought was strange [there's plenty of it in that book] or puzzling or interesting or even something that's stereotypical of the time.

If you think of a topic and want to know if it's plausible or something, then you can post it on here.

Good luck.

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Just as in the post above, we can't give you ideas

But I'll give you some advice - this is what I did last year to find topics both for the IOP and WL1

Since you already chose your novel, just reread it (it seems trivial I know) but as you read jot down any topic or possible topic that comes to your mind. The strength with the IOP is that it doesn't have to be comparitive - which means that once you've written down those ideas it's simple to find a topic.

Now every time you stumble across ANYTHING that can possibly have to do with any of the topics you've written done, either mark it with a color coded post it, or write down the page number next to the topic.

by the time you're done (it should take a good 2 hours) you'll have a whole bunch of ideas, and page references too - then all you have to do is plan your presentation

Good luck!!

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