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Fidel Castro

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I need to study Fidel Castro and his rise to power (single party state ruler)

and I was wondering if any of you know a good site where everything is laid out in a relatively concise IB-friendly ^^ manner?

And by IB friendly, I mean, dealing with:

rise to power

consolidation of power

how he maintained power (inc. economic and social policies)

foreign policies

or if anybody has notes on the subject they'd care to share? ^^;

Thanks in advance,

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I did the Cuban Revolution for my History HL IA. I noticed that there weren't too many online sources that were really helpful, but this one website was pretty good:


It specifically has links to a lot of primary source documents as well as other kinds of information, so I found it pretty helpful.

Other than that, try perusing Google. Always some good sources to be found there. :D

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