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Math HL Extended Essay

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Hey guys, I'm doing my EE on Maths. While I was brainstorming ideas for a topic, I found out that someone got B for his EE on "Maths and RSA Cryptology." I did some thorough research and it seems like "The Mathematics of the RSA Cryptology" will get me into the D pile although it sounds like an easy "A". It was full of theorems that I don't have any clue. All the theorems are based on modular arithmetic and picking two prime numbers to generate a "public key". Can "This Mathematics Essay is going to underly the mathematics of the RSA Cryptology" be considered as a research question?

I'm also thinking about "Aztec and Mayan Math" which appears to be more interesting than RSA, is more likely to get A or B but the topic seems to be very narrow. Maybe Aztecs/Mayans used their own mathematic system to build those fascinating structures and temples.

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I am currently finishing my Maths EE, and can give you some advice. First of all, do not search for topics that is most likely to get you an "A", because you really cannot tell. Mathematics is one of the subjects where you really cannot predict what you will get as a grade. In a subject like Maths, the most important thing is that you demonstrate that you comprehend the topic you have undertaken. If you don't have any good ideas of your own, then I suggest you read the Maths section on the Extended Essay guide, and look at some example essays. Also search the web for some interesting problems or theorems, I'm sure you'll find something.

Also, be sure not to take a very difficult topic, as you are expected to teach yourself everything you need.

To answer your questions:

"This Mathematics Essay is going to underly the mathematics of the RSA Cryptology" sounds too broad. You need to be very specific and to the point with your research question.

I don't think Aztec and Mayan Math will be too narrow. If you can find a way to show how the Aztecs/Mayans used their maths system to develop specific structures, then that should be an interesting thing to investigate.

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