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A Conclusion in an EE

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Generally a summary of all the points you made in the essay (linking them all in with each other) and the "second half" to your introduction - so rounding off all the points you made in your introduction. It's also an idea to link your EE into a real-life situation or something along those lines just to show that your EE is practical and relevant to the real world (the examiners appreciate EEs which discuss genuine issues). For instance if you've done something on a particular psychological condition you might want to talk (very briefly, of course!) about its further implications and relevance to the real world with respect to the light you feel you've shed on the subject through your essay. That kind of thing.

After you've written the main body usually the conclusion is self-evident. If you get stuck, google 50 Excellent Extended Essays and check out the exemplars on there to see what is "good practice" when it comes to EEs!

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