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Vocabulary English A2

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Hey guys,

Im a junior and take English A2 HL.

Well so far Im on a 5 but my problem is the vocab.

Do you have some good vocab tips or good website ?

Because I really want to boost up my vocab.

Thanks in advance :D

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Read some academic texts.




Maybe make some cards with phrases that are quite synonymous but sound much more sophisticated.


(1) Big (2) Substantial

(1) Clever (2) Sophisticated

And also, my favourite:


(you have to know these words passively though, otherwise you might make some strange mistakes)

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I've found the best way to expand one's vocabulary to be reading. Read your A2 books meticulously and check AND memorize the definition of each word that you don't know. This way you'll see the words in context and understand their meaning/usage a lot better. Also, this will be of great help once you do your orals - you don't want to end up with an extract where you don't known all the words! Keep in mind, though, that you don't gain much from learning random words -- locate the ones that you could actually use in an essay.

From what I've read, I think Orwell's 1984 has the most varied vocabulary. (A lot of great SAT words there!)

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Do you have access to those SAT novels? They take stories and fill them up with SAT words. If you're interested in the actual plot, it's really helpful.

One thing about going through synonyms--there are different connotations and often slightly different definitions for words that are synonyms. The difference between aroma and odor, for example.

I absolutely LOVE Free Rice. It's super easy to use and learn from, and it's adaptive. If you get a lot of words in a row wrong, it gives you easier ones. If you're answering them correctly, it gives you harder words. Plus, you're helping to alleviate [lessen] world hunger. =)

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