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Need one more idea concerning Nora and Catherine Linton please!

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I was planning on doing my world lit paper on the character development of nora and catherine linton because of boundaries. I was going to start with the physical settings of the two, the imprisonment factor, and somehow include the girls personally like Nora is doll like but I'm a little unsure about young Cathy. I need one more idea for one more paragraph. Then my last paragraph was going to be their breakthroughs. Tarantella dance and falling for Hareton.

Anyone have any other ideas ? Any and all help would be appreciated

Thank you

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What are your books? I'm guessing one is Ibsen's A Doll's House, but I haven't heard of the other character. The list for world lit books is huge, so most people aren't doing the same books as you are :blink:. Right now your research question seems good but you don't want to risk stretching the essay with things that might be a bit irrelevant to your research question. You don't really need background information or anything that is not pertinent to your research question on the essay.

How many characters from each book do you use? I would suggest you only use 1 from each book.

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