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Examples in Exam Papers

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What puzzles me greatly is the way in which we're expected to give real-world examples for everything in the exam papers. The thing I wanted to ask here was how often do we need to give those examples? For instance, if we're explaining the gains of international trade:

The main reason for trade is lower prices. By international trade, one is able to buy goods and services for a lower price than the domestic one. Consumers are able to buy less expensive products (EXAMPLE?). Producers can purchase cheaper raw materials and semi-manufactured goods (EXAMPLE?).

The differences in prices arise from many reasons, such as access to natural resources (EXAMPLE?), differences in the quality of capital and the levels of technology (EXAMPLE?), and the levels of technology (EXAMPLE?).

I really don't see myself as having enough time to provide this many examples.

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You need to have at least one example per question being answered. In fact, it is better and easier to stick to one example, describe what is happening in your example and this will help you define the terms and go through answering the question. <br>Basically, one big example for one problem giving different situations that may happen in that circumstance.<br>

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