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hort film ideas needed for FILM STUDENT...If shot; the writers will of course be credited.

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Hey everybody.

I'm an IB HL Film Student at an international school in Mumbai, INDIA.

I have to make a 7 minute movie as a part of my assessment. I have an idea ready which is kind of mediocre. My project is individual and I'm directing.

I have developed an idea of threat in a cafe around it. I kind of don't feel strongly about the project. And sadly my school doesn't realize the fact that creative ideas take their own time! As in the role of a director; I had this idea to give some other better ideas a listen.

I thought there might a better plot worth filming that what I had conceptualized. SO, Many of you who would like their ideas to be filmed please post your ideas here.

If you feel you ideas need to be discreet in the forum then please mail me at _______ (Mod edit: No email addresses, there's a perfectly good PM system on the forum)

My school has decent film camera; locations nearby bombay city can be explored and lighting crew will be hired.So a lot of resources are available and can be explored.

Biggest downturn is the time limit (7 minutes including credits) and the deadline (December 2009).

I have Final Cut PRO...and a MACBOOK PRO ( I'm proud of it). :P

There are no restrictions about the characters. But as IB suggests; no profanity; no foul language; nudity etc blah blah blah.


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