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What were the reasons for the re-emergence of serfdom in eastern europe?

In western Europe the conflict between the king and his vassals resulted in gains for the common man. Why did this not happen in Eastern Europe?

why would the reign of the great elector be regarded as the most crucial constitutional struggle in Prussian history for 100 years? what did he do to increase his royal authority? Who were the loosers?

Prussia has the authority been considered lot the most millitaristic states in Europe. How do you explain this development and who was responsible?

How did the 30 years war and the invasion by the ottoman turks help the hapsburgs consolidate power?

What was the pragmatic sanctional why were the hungarian and bohemian princes opposed it?

what role if any did war play in the evolution of absolutism in eastern Europe?

What was the relationships between baroque architecture and European Abolutism?

it has been said that the common man benifit from the magnificent medieval cathedrals such as princes.Can the same be said about the common man and the building projects of absolute kings and princes?

how did the vikings in fluence Russian history?

how did the mongols unify the eastern slavs?

What was the role of Ivan the Terrible during the rise of absolutism?

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What are all of these questions for? How do you want help? Typically, if it's one concept that a person doesn't understand and it can't be explained well just through Google or the person's notes/teacher, this forum can help clear up your understanding. We don't want to do your homework, but if you tell us what you don't understand, it's easier for both parties.

(By the way, go to Google to supplement your knowledge and you'll find a good bit of info there.)

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