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Theatre arts HL Induvidual project portfolio!

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I am going to hand in an outline in december for my individual project portfolio but still dont know what or rather how to write it. I have written a play that I thought I could use, anyone know how this can be used? I really dont get it, and no one else in my class do either.

We will probably be handed the stimuli today, which is so scary! Dont really know how that is going to be done either but anyway... We have not gone through the rationale, the additional essayish thing that is to be written.

I am as always so thankful, if someone knows what I need

// A

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Hmmm... Make sure you don't get it confused with the PPP. I think that's the one with the stimuli I think.

Look at this file here: http://www.ibsurvival.com/index.php?app=downloads&showfile=912

Also, take a look at the IPP stuff at this website:


I haven't started my IPP yet, so I'm in this with you!

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