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hmm... Shouldn't you ask your teacher what he or she thinks about the theme before you go ahead with it?

But here are some suggestions if you want them:

- Landscapes in different seasons

- Landscapes throughout history (revolutions, wars)

- What you think the future will look like compared to now

- look into pop art, abstract art, fine art... try to draw the same landscape in different styles of artists or movements, different mediums, etc

I can't think of anything else at the moment but just brainstorm that way. Choose something to begin with and before you know it the ideas will be flowing. That's what happened to me - at first I was really tense about my IWB and all I did was plan plan plan and then discard ideas, and then I planned somehting and actually went along with it, and now I'm in the midst of 2 paintings with more on the way - so everytime you think of anything (even if it doesn't have to do with your theme) just jot it down in your IWB, get excited over it! Believe me, art is so much fun, imagine being allowed to get as creative as you want in an academic program! :D Good luck!!

p.s. ooh you can also try doing some 3-D work, that might be cool

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So, my theme for the IB Visual Arts is "Landscapes", but I'm kinda lacking ideas for studio pieces, do you guys have any? Thanks

if oyu want to focus on landscapes then go ahead, however i reccomend taking your own pictures of places that are important to you. also you can mix it up with more architectural to seascapes...landscape possiblities are as diverse as the differnt areas on earth.

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