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World Literature Essay

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i have some ideas for my topic, but i don't know if there is enough info to write a good essay.

here's what i have so far...

- comparison between the manipulative characters in both novels (Mama Elena and Crampas)

- extents of violence and the reasons behind it (Effi Briest- the duel & Like Water for Chocolate- Mama Elena beating Tita)

which one should i choose or are there any others that i could possibly write about?

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How you'll know you have the basis of a good essay is if you can think of 2-4 [preferably at least 3] solid points about your central idea. I can't give you examples to back up your idea, but I can share my opinion on how reasonable your argument sounds. What I might tweak about the ideas you presented is to add another aspect to them without losing focus. You might be able to argue that both characters are manipulative because of _______ and change or don't change because of _________. You certainly don't need to talk about all of that, but just saying that the characters are both manipulative doesn't allow you to analyze or talk about the "why" so much.

So what I'd suggest is for you to pick one big idea that you're pretty interested in and can find textual evidence of from both works. Take your big idea and break it down, comparing whatever it is that you've chosen. I hope that helps you move forward some. G'luck.

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