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Psychology Mock Exams

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Well a fairly effective way of studying for psychology is to look at the syllabus for each perspective; on the first page for each perspective, there will be 8 points and these cover every question you can possibly get asked for the perspective. Have answers for those 8 questions, and you're pretty set. So start from there.

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Start from there, that's a good idea.

But to get a good level I strongly advise you to go through the Crane site. It's got a summary of each perspective along with the assumptions, framework, studies, psychologists and applications.

Make sure you know how to discuss the debates (nature vs. nurture, determinism vs free will, etc) and make sure you can back up your arguments with studies.

PS: The site has the new syllabus too. Don't get confused, it also has a whole section for us, those who are doing the old syllabus (I'm assuming you are?). It's really good.

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