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Pharmacy Schools

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I would like to go into an accelerated pharmacy program. I am a current junior, and I am dead set on Pharmacy. My only requirements for schools are, well there are none, other than they must have a good pharmacy program.

I have looked into University of the Pacific in California. I am willing to go to different states and even different countries. I am a Diploma Candidate, I prefer the college be reasonably priced.

Do you have any recommendations for colleges, or recommendations on things I can do now to better my chances of getting into the school, and possibly getting a scholarship.

Thanks for your help,


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There are so many universities with amazing pharmacy schools.

This will introduce you to some, but I wouldn't rely on it religiously. You said accelerated tracks.. I wouldn't know where to find a list of those, but Google's rarely failed me. I believe a friend of mine who is pursuing pharmacy is going to Loyola [the campus in Chicago]. To help you stand out, if it's possible, try to shadow some pharmacists. Try to get an internship. Take AP Chemistry as a supplement. Take Chemistry as an SAT2. Try to take organic & inorganic chemistry, if possible. If your school has a dual enrollment program and you have room, take some college courses related to pharmacy. Talk to some of your friends or friends of friends who are in that field. What you want to show is that you have an interest in pharmacy and you've done something about it! Oh yeah, if you don't want to take AP Chem or the SAT2s, don't worry about. They can help, but there's no surefire way to get in. And don't kill yourself over trying to do all of this. Hopefully your passion stems from being interested in the field and not just the money associated with it, so don't forget you're doing this for yourself. =)

As for money... there are so many scholarships available in the US. Some are available to you right now. I would look into scholarships that have nothing to do with pharmacy. Some of them ask you to read a book and write an essay. Go for it if you have time! Free money! Good luck.

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