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Areas of Knowledge for my ToK essay

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I just got feedback on my ToK essay. This is my title:

Discuss e claim that some areas of knowledge are discovered and others are invented

My teacher said it was good but that it was heavy on mathematics. I also talk about natural sciences, but still my teacher suggests that I remove a paragraph (i am 3 words under the limit :)) and write about another AoK like ethics. But i dont want to lose the depth of my other areas. I link them to perception, language and reason. If i start talking about ethic, do i have to link it to all these ways of knowing to avoid losing marks?

What's wrong with just having mathematics and natural sciences? would i lose marks for sticking to these areas and going into depth? I know i'm sorta questioning my teacher here but it just doesn't feel right to add another area of knowledge.

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I'd try for 3 AOK to be on the safer side. For the third one, I don't think you'd need to link it to all three WOK. Two of them would be sufficient.

What I'd do is try to make the paper more concise without adding anything right now. You might find that some of your examples can be taken out or some of your phrases are bordering redundancy [it's a fine line between clarity and repetition =/]. If you really can't cut your words down, then maybe you shouldn't add another AOK. Both breadth and depth are necessary, but I think depth might be better to go for. So what I'm trying to say is 2 AOK with coherency and clarity and links to WOK is better than 3 AOK where you just don't have enough words to satisfy that. Aim for 3 by trying to cut down your essay, but don't force it.

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