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Environmental Systems and Societies Internal Assessment Criteria

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I need the criteria for the "Data Collection and Processing" & the "Discussion, evaluation and conclusion" parts of the portfolio.

I already have the information for the marking scheme shown below (only for the full marks in each aspect), but I want to know the actual criteria; such as what i need to actually do in these sections, etc.


Aspect 1 -> Recording Data /Complete

Systematically records appropriate quantitative and/or qualitative data (raw or secondary), including units.

Aspect 2 -> Processing Data /Complete

Processes primary and/or secondary data correctly.

Aspect 3 -> Presenting Processed Data /Complete

Presents processed data appropriately and effectively to assist analysis.


Aspect 1 -> Discussing and rewriting /Complete

Discussion is clear and well reasoned, showing a broad understanding of context and the implications of results.

Aspect 2 -> Evaluating procedure(s) and suggesting improvements /Complete

Identifies weaknesses and limitations and suggests realistic improvements.

Aspect 3 -> Concluding /Complete

States a reasonable conclusion, with a correct explanation, based on the data.

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