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Advice for pre-ibers

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I am doing ib next year, do any of you have any advice for me?

What some highlight, things you enjoyed?

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Don't start thinking or worrying about IB until you start, because the next two years will be filled with enough of that.

Try and have some organisation systems in place for notes and stuff.

Do CAS consistently.

Work consistently each night.

Make sure you make time to not do IB things, like having a social life. It will make you less stressed.

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Be optimistic :P

When you think you're going to fail something tell yourself that you'll do good.

Try not to stress too much and don't procrastinate too much.

Do homework every night. Even when you think you don't have homework, you do.

There's ALWAYS homework.

If you procrastinate your work is going to pile up and you're going to go insane when everything's due.

Just like how I'm going insane right now :P

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