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Vocabulary Spanish Ab Initio

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Hey guys,

right now I am a bit struggeling with my spanish ab initio course because we do not have books that contain vocabulary on the back, but I guess it is like same for every ab initio course.

But what I do want to do is to buy a book with the most essential spanish vocab for year 1 to 2.

Do you have any suggestions ?

Should I buy for GCSE ? Or do u know better ones ?

Thanks in advance :)

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Hrm. The problem with GCSE is that although it's the right level, it's also not necessarily going to be appropriate for you in terms of the vocab. Grammar yes, vocab-- not so sure! My suggestion would be to look back through past papers for Spanish AB and try to work out what sorts of topics they tend to discuss and then try to see how much that matches up with the GCSE topics. The worst thing would be learning vocab for a set of topics which don't come up! :)

Also, in my experience learning vocab from books (even for GCSE) wasn't very useful. The best way to learn vocab is practically -- either going back through papers or needing words for essays on particular subjects. Reading articles, listening to people speaking, practising speaking.. that's where my vocab came from. Although I did have a full set of vocab books they didn't really help me at all because the words didn't go into my brain if they weren't in context somehow. It's usage which sticks it in your brain, I find :D

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