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Knowledge Issues? what are they?

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So my tok instructor is making us do a practice Tok esssay on past topics.

mine is "All of the other ways of knowlege are controlled by language." What does this statement mean and do you think it is an accurate representation of the relationsihp between perception, emotion, reason, and language?

So we need knowledge issues/problems.

And I'm still having issues with that.


I'm not expecting you to give me the knowledge issues, but I don't understand what a knowledge issue is or how to get one.


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A knowledge issue is, in general, a question with a nontrivial answer. If you look at a topic and figure out what questions you might ask, that would not be easy to answer, you have found knowledge issues.

Examples of knowledge issues are such questions as "Are all knowable truths provable?" or "If there is no absolute morality, how do we judge the correctness of actions?".

In this case, you might start by asking yourself just what it means for a way of knowing to be controlled by language, if you haven't done so already.

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