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Need help writing a strong thesis statement for World Lit 1

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Greetings to all!

I am trying to write a strong thesis statement for my World Lit 1 (I'm in HL English). Some background knowledge about my project: I am comparing The House of the Spirits by Isabel Allende and Like Water For Chocolate by Laura Esquivel. The topic of my essay is about honor and pride. I already have a few examples from each novel but, as I said before, I am having a lot of difficulty writing a solid thesis that incorporates my topic efficiently (i.e. low word count, yet to-the-point). I am hoping that someone could either a) post a link of past World Lits just to see the style of the thesis or b) post their World Thesis (i.e. one that has already been submitted in order to prevent anyone from stealing your ideas).

I highly value your comments/reflections very much and thank you ahead of time!

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Does this help?

Wow nice find! Thank you so much! It helps a lot and your reply is really helpful (from the link :P ), too! Lol my teacher did the exact same thing as the author's (i.e. the author of the thread you linked me to) teacher!

I would, however, like to see a few more examples of thesis statements because I'm shaky about the structure of a comparative essay thesis statement even though the "path" I have to take is clearly discussed in the link. For example, my History teacher showed us some past History IA's and which allowed me to understand the writing style for all the Criteria (e.g. Criterion A - Plan of Investigation, etc.) and as a result I managed to write a very complete IA.

Once again, thank you very much for that clarification, I Hate Tangents, and thank you in advance to anyone who helps!

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Your welcome :P

Subject Reports - May 2003: Group 1 English A1 Higher Level © IBO 2001

Finally, The Statement of Intent is proving useful and correct in only a limited number of cases. It Comes first in the assignment, in order that the examiner may know what is being attempted. It is not simply a description of "this is what I am going to do" in two or three sentences which merely summarise the contents. It needs to be viable and reasonable "I choose to approach the other themes in the contexts of time, self-worth, and man's attachment to life. . . . I also choose to emphasize the existentialist themes Bequeath approached and mimic his absurdist style" is not. Nor is the dramatisizing of Metamorphosis by simply presenting the words of the original text in dialogue a task with any real point.

Ib HL 1/AP Language WL 1: Comparative essay handout i found in my notes

Detailed theis:

The two novels were written in two different time periods, by two different authors, in two different cultures. However their message is the same: Society and its people have crafted life so that is insufficient and worthless. This theme is expressed through the characters' indifference tow the world, their lack of faith in god, and, ultimately, their shared, desired, and inevitable downfall.

The above quote is an example of a good thesis (House of the spirits/ the stranger/Hero of our time), and the first quote is from a teacher conference a few years ago where they stressed the most important problems in IB student's papers.

When it comes to the IB criteria for the WL1 paper, it is rather vague. The sections are Presentation, Language, Selection of the Aspect and its Treatment, and Knowledge and Understanding of Work(s), all 5 points. You probably have seen it before, for the full version see here: www.wallaceworld.org/wla.htm

Edited by 2401 I Hate Tangents
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It brings me so much relief to hear confirmation that WL1 criteria is vague! I've been freaking out about that lol. As for the thesis, you're right, it is good. Once again thanks for the help, 2401 I Hate Tangents, you really took a lot off of my shoulders and my brow feels a lot less tense. :P

One more thing, thanks for also citing the sources, especially the teacher conference one, because at first I was like, "Huh??" lol.


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