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comparative essay

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who has read both novels?

so far i have a diagram with 3 points of comparison

1.time frame and family relationships

2.the point of view of narration, different perspectives

3.connection over time, reconnecting the stories

what would be a strong thesis statement and how do you write an introduction?

can somebody help me to do this essay, is the first time i do a comparative essay and i really need help

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A structure that (although not exactly original) seems pretty steadfast to me is going, thesis, point of comparison 1 - then link to thesis, point of comparison 2 - then link to thesis, point of comparison 3 - then link to thesis.

In a comparative, as long as you compare them within each point and stick to the thesis, then you should find it not too difficult :P

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Agree. We can't give you a thesis, even though you've pointed out what you want to compare. Part of the job is finding a common link that makes your smaller points of comparison fit into the bigger picture. A basic strategy is 'The author uses _____ to create _____." That format can be made as complex as you like, but the general idea is that there's a bigger something. From your points, I see time and character relationships a big deal. I haven't read your books, so I don't know if that's obvious or something. What you might want to do is take one [or two] of your three points of comparison and develop your essay using only that [those] one [or two] point of comparison as the big idea and finding points of comparison within it.

For the introduction, your thesis will most likely be the last sentence. You want to include the authors and titles of both works somewhere in the intro. Try to have a "hook." Once you finish writing your essay, you can make your intro better. In fact, when I write [and I'm not timed] I do my thesis first, then my body paragraphs, then my conclusion, then my introduction.

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